About Us

Dempsey and Lyn McClelland are from Saint Petersburg, Florida.  They moved here to retire in 2004 and to live the dream of island living.  After building their house they saw a need for Pressure Treated Pine Lumber for the surrounding area at cost that even a Local could afford.  They were not looking to start a business and be working full time but the need was strong so they created Panama Constructors Inc. in 2006.  This task took a lot of research and knowledge of building in this environment.  We have found how to ship containers in a timely manner and offer discounts to those who are building a house and want all materials on hand before you break ground on your projects.  This procedure has proven that you can build faster and get what you want on site from your building materials to all fasteners as well.  We have alliances with companies that can also save you in the long run from planning your home to breaking ground.  This is something they are very proud of and enjoy sharing their knowledge to ensure a happy experience in the Bocas area.